Grounded in Science

Embracing life at the molecular level.

Emergence — coming soon!

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Nature moves through cycles of rest, growth, blooming, and harvest. Each phase necessary for nurturing the next.

My work and my blog is now waking up from a deep winter’s rest. With my spirit restored, the seeds of my deepest hopes for our thriving are waking up and will soon burst through the soil for the sun.

Please STAY TUNED for new articles and more information about my next professional chapter!

Hint: Combine 1 cup of integrative health with 2 cups creativity, and top with joy!

I hope you are also taking time for rest this season and nurturing your own dreams for the future. What’s feeding your spirit today?

Author: DHannemann

Diane Hannemann, PhD is biochemist-biophysicist with a passion for understanding how the body communicates at the molecular level and how these systems can be supported to optimize health and healing. In 1996, these questions inspired her to leave her career in marketing communications to return to college for a BA in Chemistry from Purdue University followed by a MPhil and PhD in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry from Yale University where she researched how a motor protein uses chemical energy to transport materials along tracks inside a cell. A career in science policy followed in Washington DC translating science to inform biomedical research policy and international health programs and partnerships. Then at an international nonprofit, she led a multidisciplinary research network to advance the integrative health model. Current projects include advancing quality research of the Feldenkrais Method® - a mindful somatic education practice - to improve care for pain management, neurodegenerative disorders, and healthy aging. To feed her spirit, she plays in the garden soil, and tends to all creatures wild and domestic, and teaches Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement ® classes.

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