Grounded in Science

Embracing life at the molecular level.

About Diane

just the three of usDiane Hannemann, PhD is biochemist-biophysicist with a passion for understanding how the body communicates at the molecular level and how these systems can be supported to optimize health. In 1996, these questions inspired her to leave her career in marketing communications to return to college for a BA in Chemistry from Purdue University followed by a MPhil and PhD in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry from Yale University where she researched how a motor protein uses chemical energy to transport materials along tracks inside a cell.

Her commitment to translating science to the public and policymakers brought her to Washington, DC in 2007 to work as a regional science advisor in the East Asian & Pacific bureau in the State Department and then as a health science policy analyst at the National Institutes of Health. On her path for personal transformation and wellness, she is intrigued by the potential of energy therapies to promote healing and well-being as part of an integrated medical system. She is a committed volunteer for Animal Allies – a feline rescue organization – and further fuels her spirit with yoga, trips to the Eastern Shore, Feldenkrais and Reiki.

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