Grounded in Science

Embracing life at the molecular level.


Why Grounded in Science?

In 1997, I found myself back in the classroom listening to a lecture on organic chemistry.  Up to this moment, I had struggled with general chemistry concepts despite my great curiosity for the natural world.  Suddenly, that morning in Organic Chemistry 201, the clouds parted, and I saw the light. Molecules were revealed to me not only as the building blocks of nature and but also as transmitters of information through their dynamic, shape-shifting – even competitive – ways.  HOLY TOLEDO!  From that moment, my passion has been to understand how health emerges at the interface of chemistry, physics and biology.

Science reveals its secrets to us through rigorous research.  There are also phenomena that we can witness and experience that science may not yet understand.

My goal with this blog is to share information with you about the science of health, including information about the growing evidence-base for mind-body therapies. It is my hope that Grounded in Science will also inspire you to achieve your own optimal health and healing.  As a community, I hope you will join me to catalyze a shift in our health, well-being and healthcare that integrates mind, body and spirit.

Let’s go!


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